Need Help with IRS Issue?

Encountering an issue with the IRS is typically a frightening experience for most people.  IRS Notices are designed to really get your attention. In the unfortunate event that you receive that dreaded IRS Notice or Letter, you need a knowledgeable and compassionate tax professional in your corner. However, a taxpayer's distress is often aggravated by some practitioners who demand exorbitant fees upfront before taking the time to review their case. 

At MetroPoint Tax Services, we do things differently. We focus on offering superior service and also adopt a creative approach to tax problem resolution. As a policy, we place client's interest above personal gain.  While we do not guarantee outcomes, we always apply professionalism and extensive knowledge of federal taxation and IRS procedures to pursue desirable outcomes for clients. We work hard on the client's behalf at a fair price. 

Our Process

  • Listen---> We listen to determine the issue; getting to know your side
  • Representation---> Establish representation/POA as needed
  • Examine  Documentation--->  Reviewing Notices/Letters/Returns/Reports
  • Planning ---> Scope/Tasks/Goals.  Figure out client tasks and ours (To Dos)
  • Review ----> Review status/Updates and To Dos/Evaluate
  • Engage the IRS ---> Communicating, Responses, 

Our process is a proven consultative approach and we keep clients informed every step of the way.  The work flow may vary based on complexity and urgency. In every case, our commitment to service remains the same---"we provide affordable professional help"

Tax Problem Relief Services

  • IRS Tax Notice/Letter ("CP" family of Notices e.g. CP2000)
  • IRS Examination and/or Audits
  • Representation (Power of Attorney) 
  • Back Filings
  • Back Taxes
  • Installment Agreements
  • Offers-In-Compromise.

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